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Billy Bobbarooni and the Mystery Words

Billy Bobbarooni: Book 1
By Lisa Keskinen

‘A novel with a compelling mystery and a rich world, celebrating the power of storytelling and the spirit of community.’

Mystery, history, riddles and rhyme.
Will they crack the code or run out of time?

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Published: August 2021
ISBN: 9780645219500
Number Of Pages: 202
For Ages: 8+ years old

‘A novel with a compelling mystery and a rich world, celebrating the power of storytelling and the spirit of community – such important messages for kids and adults alike’  - Suzanne O’Sullivan, Editor and Publisher


Mystery, history, riddles and rhyme.
Will they crack the code or run out of time?

Billy Bobbarooni skates down the street.
Almost at the river, he stops – he can’t believe his eyes!
This means trouble. Big trouble. Triple trouble, he thinks.
Billy has to solve this mystery, quickly! But he can’t do it on his own.
‘We have to work together, assign jobs, crack the code, gather evidence,’ he says.
His friends look at him and nod. Billy trusts them all.
His friends. His clan. His team.
As he was found at the scene of the crime, everyone thinks Billy is to blame. Can he clear his name?


  • A novel for readers 8+ years old
  • Rich vocabulary and themes
  • Fun and relatable
  • Great for reading comprehension and critical literacy discussions
  • Weaves poems, riddles, short stories and other styles of writing throughout the narrative
  • The first book in the Billy Bobbarooni series
  • 10% discount for orders of 6 or more - a great choice for literature circles and classroom libraries



Book Flyer

Teacher & Parent Notes

Drawing on her knowledge as a teacher and education consultant, Lisa has produced these free Notes to use before, during and after reading Billy Bobbarooni and the Mystery Words.

They are designed for teachers, librarians, home-schooling communities and parents.

They include:


  • A vocabulary list for each chapter
  • Information on themes and curriculum links
  • Discussion points with extracts from the story
  • Critical literacy questions
  • Engaging extension activities
  • Further learning reference links


2 reviews for Billy Bobbarooni and the Mystery Words

  1. John Blake

    Our kids loved it! Thanks Lisa, look forward to the next one!

  2. Di Sullivan

    My first encounter with Lisa was at a conference in Darwin when I attended her presentation about Authentic Writing. Her passion and love for storytelling and improving literacy was very evident in her presentation. An invitation to join us for a drink after the conference initiated Lisa coming out to our school for a visit and then she ended up working with our school for the next few years. Watching Lisa in action working with students and staff to improve Literacy is a delight to see and witness. When Lisa told me she was writing a book I couldn’t wait for it to be published.
    I have just finished reading her new book “Billy Bobbarooni and the Mystery Words” and absolutely loved it. Everybody needs a Professor Porterman and good friends in their lives. I loved the riddles and poems weaved throughout the book. Do yourself a favour and read this book. It certainly highlights Lisa’s belief that stories can strengthen empathy, connection and community. Congratulations Lisa on a very clever and well written story. I can’t wait to share it with the staff and students at Jingili Primary School. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
    Di Sullivan (Assistant Principal- Jingili Primary School)

    To finish with a riddle
    Where do bedtime books sleep?
    Answer: Under the covers.

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